Monday, August 31, 2015

Plane Nerd Heaven, Flying The C-5 Galaxy

What It's Like To Fly America's Biggest Jet, The Gargantuan C-5 Galaxy:

If you like BIG planes, and like DETAIL, this is a SUPERB article. It started out as the C5-A, it's mostly all the "M" now ... more powerful, quieter, more efficient engines and a lot of digital upgrades make the monster really a new aircraft.

Lots of interesting background on how USAF pilots start out and choose between fighters and "the heavies", the logistics challenges of a plane with a 226' wingspan vs 196' for the 747, and mission planning for taking things like tanks and helicopters around the world.

The military tends to have some  some tongue in cheek designations for thier craft ... "Freddy" is the C5, an extension of FRED "Freaking (they don't say freaking) Ridiculous Economic (or Environmental) Disaster"!

It sounds like the really hard part is taxiing ... which I can REALLY imagine after only taxiing a Cessna 152 -- being as wide as an airplane because of the wings does not come naturally -- 226' wide is like "out there"!

They launched an ICBM out of one back in '74 ... Dr Strangelove calling!

WARNING ... following the link may induce EXTREME (possibly terminal) boredom in non-aircraft geeks! You have been warned ... NO LAWSUITS!

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Climate Science vs Climate Politics

German Physicists: Late 20th Century Warming “Nothing Unusual” | Power Line:

A short and worthy read -- bottom line, the planet appears to still be working as it has for the last 2500 years or so. Climate goes through cycles ... news at 11.

The solar and oceanic cycles are the big determinants -- we will return to 1870 level climate temps by 2080 ... if the alarmists had been right about CO2 ... well, I'll let them tell you:

In a parting shot at the politically-motivated, unscientific alarmists, the three Germans point out that “50% of the temperature increase expected to happen by 2100 should have taken place by now – if such a CO2 warming were true. The scientists say that the way things stand now, if the CO2 effect were real, the future warming up to the year 2100 could be at most 0.7 °C.”
No doubt we will hear plenty of climate whoppers this week with BO talking "climate" (actually politics, what he ALWAYS talks!) in Alaska this week. 

'Pigs In A Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon'

Black Lives Matter: 'Pigs In A Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon' | The Daily Caller:

Most of the MN media covered the "Black Lives Matter" protest of the State Fair as "peaceful" -- the Red Star Tribune made no mention of the "Pigs in a Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon" chant that you can to see if you follow the link at the top of the post.

I'm thinking that if say anti-abortion protesters chanted anything like that it might get some media notice ... perhaps even more so if it was a couple days after some abortionist had been gunned down assassination style as Darren Goforth was Friday?

Nah, our media is completely without bias!

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No Lives Matter, One Nation Under TP

Man accused of gunning down Texas deputy faces judge:

There are a lot of quotes about the moral measure of a society being how it treats it's "weakest, most vulnerable, poorest, etc". I think this one from Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor who stood against the Nazi's and was executed by them:  "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We have killed over 50 million babies in their mothers wombs, and publicly fund the harvest and sale of those innocent lives. The US socialist party ("The Party" (D) ) has the same "morality" as the socialists that Bonhoeffer fought against -- POWER!

As the linked article shows, we have our executions as well. If you look hard, you can see that the name of the man who killed the officer in Texas execution style -- Shawn J Miles. He is is a black man -- and the evidence is that the murder is related to "Black Lives Matter". Strangely, that is close to a state secret.

So we have white news people killed by a gay black man, and an officer in Houston executed by a black man -- shot in the back while filling his patrol car at a gas station in less than a week. What are the headlines? BO renames a big rock -- overturning a 100 year old act of Congress that he has no Constitutional authority to do. Do you need the difference between POWER and law spelled out. BO has no respect for law.

We have undergone a full year of "Black Lives Matter" protests and disruptions. This past Saturday up at the MN State Fair, they held a protest -- a day after Goforth's execution, in which they chanted "Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!". Most of the MN papers covered that protest as "peaceful".

Every case of a black being killed by a police officer in the nation has been a multi-day national news saturation with "racism, prejudice, excessive use of police force, etc" ... or MONTHS in the case of Ferguson MO.  Each case is endlessly linked to a narrative that all this is due to the national crime of racism -- even though nearly all of the cases turn out to be completely justifiable use of force by the officer. Michael Brown becomes a well known name, a martyr, with smiling pictures looking nothing like the thug that stole cigars from a convenience store and shoved the clerk as if they were a ragdoll minutes before officer Darren Wilson was forced to defend his own life lest he become another dead officer statistic.

Would you like to place any bets on how well known the name Darren Goforth becomes? How many pictures we see of him with is wife and family? Do you really think that his life matters to the powers of TP?

We saw two officers ambushed and executed in NYC last December. Our government and the media did their best to ignore those as much as possible -- Al Sharpton, he of many WH visits and $5 Million in unpaid back taxes, took part in a rally where "What do we want? DEAD COPS!" was chanted. There was a little outcry from police officers -- really none nationally.

We are "One nation under TP" -- TP says what matters and what doesn't. The only "morality" is what TP says it is -- "Climate Change", THAT is a "moral issue" to TP, as BO again takes unconstitutional action to change the name of a big rock. We really need to study Neanderthals and Cro Magnon grunts more -- if the first folks that name something have dibs, pretty much every area and land feature must have originally been named "Grunt", "Groan", "Squeal" and such ... At our current rate of regression due to "progressives", such forms of communication may be high culture in just a few years!

"Climate Change" is a "moral issue" because the only "morality" of TP is POWER! Absolutely all of the actions of TP are ONLY ABOUT POWER! If you open your eyes and look honestly at TP, you realize that every last policy, program or slogan is about advancing the power of TP by all means legal and otherwise.

 Babies in the womb are organs to be harvested. Young black men that kill each other at the rate of 6K a year due to the policies of TP matter not at all -- they aren't news and nobody cares. Unarmed servicemen gunned down by Islamists in our own nation is a short and quickly forgotten story, young women murdered on the streets of or "Sanctuary Cities" in cold blood by felon illegals, and police officers executed matter not at all. They are "collateral damage" in TP's rise to total power.

No lives matter -- only the rise of TP to total power matters. You are living through it and have eyes. Do you see?

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hype, Percentages, Comparisons, Supermoons

Supermoons Are Super Dumb |

I generally agree with the conclusions of this PC Mag article, but had to laugh at them a bit. In true techie nerd "I don't get it" fashion they used about the worst percentage example they could use to make their case ...
Think of it another way: Let's say Dr. Bruce Banner is a completely average American male who measures in at around 5' 9" and tips the scales at 196 pounds. Going by the supermoon's standards for super-ness (e.g. 14 percent larger), whenever the good doctor becomes agitated, he transforms into a Hulk who stands at 6' 7" and weighed 223 pounds. In this instance, the Hulk would be slightly smaller than LeBron James. Intimidating on the basketball court? Perhaps. But hardly "incredible" and definitely not super.
The difference between a 5' 9" guy and a 6' 7" guy is pretty damned significant to people (obviously not Nerds!). It really shows up in pictures, and speaking from experience and only being 6' 4" it really makes a difference in buying clothes, fitting in autos, hitting your head, etc, etc. The standard size range difference between humans is quite small from a mathematical POV (as the PC Mag guys note), but in HUMAN TERMS -- the ones that matter to HUMANS, it is a very significant difference! Just imagine a "typical 5'9" guy married to a 6'7" woman if you are still too much of a nerd to understand this!

A better 14% example might be a 10oz drink vs a 11.4oz drink -- hardly an extra swallow! They DID call out what is REALLY the problem though... nothing to compare the full moon with! ... Which is why the best time to view it is when it is just coming over the horizon so you can see against objects on the earth.
Keep in mind there's nothing to compare the moon to when it's up in the sky, so the slight difference in size will be imperceptible to most people
Not having a reference (something to compare against) is a BIG problem for humans -- it is why TRILLIONS of dollars in debt are essentially meaningless. Even "millions" are beyond our "sit down and count them" understanding, skipping over billions ... the debt is $18.3T and rapidly rising. You can go here to watch the absolute figures unwind. If we did the Nerd comparison with the "average American family debt", which totals nearly $100K per family these days ($70K mortgage, $10k student loans, $5K auto, $8K credit card ...) and stacked THAT next to the US debt, we would have the problem that the average family debt is invsible on the scale of $18T! 

So, the issue is "how to compare"? One nice way would be to compare to GDP over time -- but one has to be very careful about inflation adjustment and the fact that the way they compute GDP gets changed over time -- in fact it changed on the reporting of this most recent quarter which they just provided another "upward adjustment" to, now crowing about 3.7% growth! If this is on the level, based on the adjustment we now grew at all of .7% rather than shrinking at something about the same fraction of a percent. One realizes that we are in extremely deep trouble and it is getting nearly impossible for the rationally oriented to even discover the extent of our plight! 

The striking thing in looking at this chart of US history debt as a % of GDP is that you see that past debt peaks were due to events -- Civil War, WWI, Depression, WWII, ending the Cold War -- but then, BO arrives! There is no identifiable "crisis" or "project" -- suddenly debt heads for record levels with no known end in sight ... in fact, with no known "objective", the left assumption is EVER increasing debt! 

I see no real harm in paying a bit of attention to a "Supermoon" -- if nothing else, it makes people aware that orbits are elliptical, not circular, so they MIGHT tumble that there are astronomical causes for things like "Climate Change" -- but probably not. 

What we REALLY need to realize is that our debt is COMPLETELY INSANE -- as a raw value, as a percentage, compared to a family, relative to history, in terms of assumptions about the future  -- ANY way you look at it! 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

141 US Counties With More Registered Voters Than Citizens

141 counties have more registered voters than eligible live citizens | Power Line:

The Party (D) is absolutely FINE with this. Voter fraud is a cottage industry for TP and having dead, imaginary or "no longer at this address" people on the rolls is a major plus for the fraud industry, so the D's do nothing to enforce getting the rolls up to date.

Franken was elected in MN by fraudulent votes -- no MN counties on the list, but when you "win" by 225 votes, the dead vote doesn't have to work up much of a sweat!

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Worry, Newton, Creativity

Isaac Newton’s neurotic creativity may have been down to negative thinking:

Neurotics ruminate on problems, delving into their causes and the negative effects these might have. They replay these scenarios, amplifying their worries. Brain scans showed people who are good at this negative thinking displayed greater activity in regions of the medial prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain is linked to the conscious perception of threat and danger.
You don't say!  One doesn't need to read very many biographies of creative types -- writers, artists, inventors, etc to realize that this is OFTEN the case -- but certainly not universally. Einstein seemed to be very well adjusted and actually rather happy -- so it isn't a requirement!

There is a bit of irony that it is in the Irish Times -- plenty of rumination, dark side and "issues" to be had there!

The really sad part is that there are a whole lot of us "ruminators" that are in no danger of going down in history with as worthy a name as Isaac Newton -- or even Joyce, Yeats, Swift or  Beckett.

Seems that there is a lot of inequality in the creativity lottery!

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Buckley - Gore, Shout Show Genesis

I will likely see this little film at some point. It asserts that ABC putting my hero (and initial sake ... WFB) William F Buckley, up against Gore Vidal in a snarky debate covering the 1968 elections that was the origin of the "Point, Counterpoint" that we see so often today that was covered so well with humor by SNL in the late '70s'.

Humankind has "progressed" a lot from Socratic Dialogs and even public debates like Lincoln - Douglass. Witness Donald Trump, the essence of the "World Wrestling Federation" as political discourse.

It is clear from reading the linked review that the the reviewer is unable to remotely sever himself from his own deeply ingrained biases.
At a certain point their clash is set up, regardless of their ideals, as the great debater (Buckley) versus the great talker (Vidal), which is probably the most relevant dichotomy here: even as a crypto-fascist, Buckley emerges as the one more concerned with ideas, where Vidal was more content to lob bon mots, smugly ensconced in the rightness of his cause.
Dear me ... "crypto fascist". Fascism is "nationalistic crony-socialism". It is socialism where the government doesn't own much of the industry, but controls it via direct command, regulations, taxation and subsidies. The US today with BO has ANTI-nationalist fascism. He certainly doesn't want to see anyone getting all jingoistic over "America", but he is all for maximization of government control of business by any possible lever.

Buckley certainly was pro-america, so in that sense a "nationalist", but love of country is irrespective of political creed -- lots of communists, capitalists, monarchists, socialists, etc love their country! In no way at all was Buckley a "socialist", and in fact, on the true left-right spectrum, fascism, socialism, communism, monarchy and dictatorship are all LEFT (control), white libertarian (WFB) is RIGHT (chaos).

I do agree though that this general structure -- "the shout show" likely had it's origin in that pairing, so looking through the article is a good little history lesson in how we got to where we are today relative to "political debate"

The reviewer falls into the format himself in the name calling department -- "WFB you ignorant crypto-fascist"!

Number One With a Bullet

We won't get much a gun control lecture with the Virginia shooting because TP and the MSM will just want to forget about it -- can't be because the guy was gay or black, it MUST be the gun. However this isn't the kind of story they like people to think of much, so it is going to generally be gone quickly.

Bill Whittle is a very smart guy -- even got to see him speak in Rochester once. Soft spoken but extremely clear and concise. Worth your time to watch it.

Summary ...

The US is #1 in gun ownership (by A LOT), but #111 in murder rate per 100K. Take out the big Democrat mostly gun  controlled cities -- Detroit, DC, NYC, Chicago, Memphis, St Louis, Baltimore, etc, and we would  be more like 200th.

What he avoids -- because he is a reasonable guy and he might run for office is that murder is cultural. The highest murder rates are all Latin, Black, Muslim, etc --- and if you look at our highest murder rate cities, "ditto".

Obama Robbed!

President Obama Says Derek Jeter Swindled Him on the Golf Course | TIME:

This story seems to keep popping up for whatever reason. I suspect that the media thinks it is "cute" or "endearing" for BO as "a regular guy".

Does anyone else find it a little scary that the holder of the top job in the nation is so gullible, narcissistic, overconfident, out of touch, etc that he gets "hustled" and has his "money stolen" by a baseball star? And he is willing to discuss it? Does he not realize this shows him to be a complete CHUMP ??!!

Seems like this alone is enough to explain the Iran "deal", negotiations with Putin on Crimea, etc
Obama gave Jeter a 30-stroke handicap, but that decision cost him in the end: “We had to take a picture of me handing Derek Jeter money at the end of the game,” he said.
A THIRTY STROKE handicap? Hello? Earth to BO ...

The man is obviously a complete chump and apparently PROUD of it to boot! He is SO much of a chump he doesn't even realize he is a chump!!!
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Melting Pot to Piss Pot

Jorge Ramos: 'I've Never Ceased to Be Mexican and I Vote in Elections in Both Countries" - The Gateway Pundit:

Much like the current occupant of the Oval Office who is a "Proud Luo Tribesman" (in his own words from his own book!), or our "Wise Latina Woman" on the SCOTUS, it seems that "Americans" are in short supply -- even in the voting booth.

In the words of Jorge Ramos -- he of recent dust-up with Trump:

I’ve never ceased to be Mexican. I have two passports, and I vote in elections in both countries. I’m deeply proud of this privileged duality. The best thing about America is its embrace of diversity. 
The worst thing about America, of course, is the racist and xenophobic attitudes that tend to emerge now and then — Arizona’s anti-immigrant laws, for example. I hope that one day soon Americans will treat all immigrants, including the 11 million undocumented residents already living in the United States, with the same largess that I experienced when I arrived here.
We used to be a "Melting Pot" ... as evidenced in San Francisco, we are now pretty much a "Piss Pot".

One of the obvious problems with our descent is that it is simply not possible to provide the level of "largess" that Jorge found so appealing to ALL "immigrants" -- legal and illegal. You have to have an old fashioned thing called "a country" with arcane things like borders, citizenship, a budget, solvency, semi-sane policies, etc in order to "provide largesse", and the area of territory between Canada and Mexico is sadly lacking in all of those at this point.

Oh, Whoregay's  daughter works for Hillary's 2016 campaign ... what else is new?

I was driving and listening to the radio a lot yesterday -- Trump has already been castigated heavily in the MSM for his treatment of Ramos and his idea that we ought to actually deport illegals. I'm pretty much of the opinion that "it's over" these days ...

My base opinion would be the old rule of holes "When you find out you are in a hole, stop digging". In this case CLOSE THE FREAKIN BORDER!!! I have no idea what we do with 11 million illegals already here -- it is the kind of problem a sane nation doesn't get into, but while it is probably not reasonable to send ALL of them back as Trump says, I'd say "all" is closer to the right answer than "none". Maybe send "60%" of the less desireable back? I mean, it is ILLEGAL immigration, they ARE criminals.

But closing the border and sending illegals back is considered "impossible" by what passes for "reasonable people" these days -- so I guess the idea of having a "country" in at least this piece of territory is no longer reasonable. Like having a budget, economic policies that produce growth, not cooking the books on the economy, enforcing basic laws / Constitution on people like BO and Hillary, etc, etc.  We just don't have the ability to do what needs to be done to have a country anymore. Which seems like "it's over" to me -- but I guess I'm just a pessimist.

I still don't like Trump and I don't believe in him at all, but it gets easier and easier to see why he stays high in the polls. There are still too many Americans that don't like being a Piss Pot vs a Melting Pot. They are BEGGING for a politician that stands up to somebody like Ramos rather than licks his boots. Hell, I agree with them!

What I'm still having a hard time with -- even though I really ought not to, is actually accepting how far we have fallen. I once sat mesmerized and in awe as Americans walked on the moon, felt a chill rise up my spine as the Berlin Wall fell, stood proudly on top of the World Trade Center and even still felt that pride in being an American when we all pulled together for that short span after 9-11. As late as '09, when Iraq was stable, the US knew success. We are coming up on the five year anniversary of BO handing it over to the terrorists in Aug 31, 2010.

But listening to NPR, CBS, and other MSM radio outlets yesterday, I realize it is GONE!!!  To even THINK that we can have borders and control our citizenship is now "racist and insane" -- we already have Spanish as a de facto second language, our president is most proud of his Luo blood, and we are surrendering to a nuclear Iran without even raising our voice.

I don't believe that Trump can save us, but it is a damned shame that somebody can't!

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Gay Black Racist Hate Crime?

A 23-page document Flanagan faxed to ABC at 8:26 a.m. cited racial discrimination, sexual harassment (Flanagan was gay, the document says) and the Charleston church massacre as motivation for Wednesday's attack.
I happened to be driving a lot yesterday -- to IA and back. I found out that the shooter was black in the PM, found out that he was gay when I started reading about it at home. It was treated as a side issue -- which is how it ought to be treated, even if the crazy killer is white killing blacks and has a confederate flag at home! It's the killing that matters! Black killing black, white killing white, babies being killed in the womb -- it is all killing and ALL LIVES MATTER!

The bottom line of this post is very simple -- "hate crimes" should be abolished, and killers ought to be treated as KILLERS especially when they are obviously CRAZY. Unless we have an active terrorist organization(s) killing Americans (eg ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, etc) ... people yelling "Allah Akbar" we really don't need to read all the rambling "manifestos".

Naturally, in this bass-ackwards world we live in, we know that we are NOT going to hear much about what "killers for Islam" write, say, etc because "The Party" finds any negatives about Islam to be nearly as secret as Hillary's e-mails.

So this guy was gay and black and killed white people on air. He had a long history of being really angry with white folks -- they cleared the office when he was fired two years ago, and had police hang around for awhile after.His long winded suicide note even mentions Dylann Roof, the Charleston church shootings and "race war". It sure seems like what we are told is a "hate crime" when whites or straights act against blacks or gays. It will be an interesting test -- can a gay black man commit a "hate crime"? If this doesn't make the cut, it seems that we have the definitive answer to that one!

Hopefully our collective memory hole isn't so well greased that we can't remember what happened nationally after a white racist crazy killed blacks in a church in Charleston. If you need a refresher on how you are supposed to think, here it is.

We KNOW what we are told to think if the shooter is white, christian (as in abortion clinic shooters), has a Confederate flag somewhere, etc ... the crazy is not a factor. The race, the beliefs, the symbols, etc are THE PROBLEM. The message from the media is very clear "whites, christians, "right wingers", etc are HATERS ... and that is why the horrible crime happened.

When the obvious crazy Dylann Roof shot the people in the church, the fact we was nuts was secondary (hardly mentioned) -- CONFEDERATE FLAGS and racism were immediately the issue, with not subtle at all attempts to connect confederate flags with republicans. You know, the folks that fought on the wrong side in the Civil War and ran Jim Crow for 100 years!

Flanagan  happened to be a big BO supporter, reprimanded for wearing a BO button on air while doing election reporting:

He was also censured for wearing an Obama sticker while recording a segment at a polling booth during the 2012 US Presidential Election - a clear breach of journalistic impartiality.

I'm thinking we might not hear much about that. If we were looking at a white racist reporter that had lost his job due to affirmative action (in his mind) and had been reprimanded for having a W button, do we suspect we would hear about it?

My prediction is that this killing will simply go away within days -- exactly as the Charleston killing ought to have.  Both are tragic -- the families, friends, co-workers of each grieve, attempt to find meaning in the deaths and remember the victims.

But we do not honor the victims by falsely tying the actions of of a crazed person to some cause, race or symbol that the shooter happened to have! In these two cases -- Virginia and Charleston, the killer was obviously disturbed and THAT WAS THE CAUSE OF THE KILLING! To do otherwise continues the descent of the nation into the state where everything is politis. Events only have meaning in political context, and the population is wired like Pavlovian mutts to unthinkingly respond as their party and media puppet masters dictate.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shed Sweet Shed 8/26/2015

Link to album

After a summer of lots of frustration, the IA place is finally coming together. Gravel in front, LP tank in, drainfield in, opening for dock to go into lake complete (needs bigger gravel), tile to drain lower part of property to lake and take the water from the gutters,  in!

The gutters are SUPPOSED to go on this Friday, the 2"+ rock for the base where the dock goes in is due tomorrow, more dirt is due next week. Still more to go, but after a LONG summer of delays and waiting, it is "getting close".

If you look at the album you can see the long kitchen counter now with 4 stools, stove, mwave, fridge, cabinets and see the door to the small bedroom. It is very liveable now.

2015 will go down as the summer we never got the dock in -- the thought was that the place would be ready by Mindy's Miles in June -- it is really as of today, August 26, that it finally became ACTUALLY "liveable". Projects in the real world with real weather and real contractors to not show up often fall behind schedule ... badly.

From the "wisdom of today", don't build, find something to buy -- but then of course, you never get exactly what you want. We did that twice, lots of money spent remodelling both times. The good thing about building is that  when you build you have no money left, so you have no temptation to remodel! ;-)

Hopefully as we slide into fall, some crisp nights with pretty sunsets over the water, then winter, with maybe some ice fishing, then the promise of spring, getting the dock in EARLY and hopefully actually enjoying the place a good deal next summer, it will all then seem completely like a great idea and the memories of the frustrations and sticker shocks of 2015 will be only dimly recalled.

I DO understand how I am SUPPOSED to think and feel! ... and sometimes I even do. I covered some of it in this post (some things don't look as "inevitable" as they did then, do they?). It's funny to look back at the bookends of "Pond Depression" and "Pond Elation" from the blog last year ...

If intellect drove emotion, rather than generally the other way around, I'd be completely confident that the "lake place" will become a place of joy and happiness as opposed to a frustrating money sink with endless work and added costs. Most likely it will -- but then, I have moments when the algae is growing in the pond or the water is murky, that I wonder about that as well.

Mooses just think too much! Perhaps a lobotomy is in order!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Israel Should Be Annihilated"

"Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan," the Iranian Parliament Speaker's Adviser for International Affairs Hossein Sheikholeslam was quoted as saying by Iran's Fars news agency.
Prior to WWII, Winston Churchill stood virtually alone in saying that it was just possible that Hitler actually meant what he said in Mein Kampf and his speeches. The "smart people" said that it was "just talk", and Churchill was a crazy warmonger. (isn't it surprising that BO also thinks those that disagree with him are "crazy")

What "right" do we have to say who can and cannot have nuclear weapons is really just a translation of "what right do Jews have to exist"?

and as the left thinks of babies in the womb, Christians, and those with views that oppose theirs -- why, no right at all!

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3 U.S. Defeats of Will, Vietnam, Iraq and Iran

3 U.S. Defeats: Vietnam, Iraq and Now Iran - The New York Times:

Brooks does a good job of describing the defeat in Iran -- it is worth the read.

The purpose of war, military or economic, is to get your enemy to do something it would rather not do.
Let's be clear here -- the purpose of the left in this country and world wide has been the defeat of America at least since the Bolsheviks arose in the USSR.  They call it lots of things -- "inevitable", "what right do we have to dictate who has nukes", "being realistic", etc -- but the message is the same. America prostrate before her foes is the only posture that the left in this country or around the world is willing to accept.

BO was able to snatch defeat from victory in Iraq -- just maintaining a small presence there (say 10-20K soldiers) would have prevented the rise of ISIS. Everyone that pays any attention knows this -- but in general, nobody cares. They mostly LIKE the idea of the US being defeated yet again! It makes it less likely we will attempt to exert military (or in the case of Iran, diplomatic) power in the future, and that is just fine by them. We have way too many promised entitlements to afford having a military anyway -- lets be French. Surrender is the best policy! Perhaps the Nazis will stop over for wine after we lick their boots.

Vietnam was the first experience with America on her knees -- the position that the left has long espoused for this once great nation. It was the defeat that signalled the end of America, and we continue to lurch toward the ash heap of history which folks like BO, Hillary and Bernie feel that we more than richly deserve.

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