Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Republican Freak Show, A View From the Left

America’s looming freak show: How GOP control in 2015 will terrorize a nation – with no political repercussion -

The title is another example of the civility and interest in understanding that The Party (D) shows to those who have differing views.

So what is it that TP has it's panties all in a bunch over relative to the tepid and powerless political opposition they face? BO is just going to keep on ruling by executive order even if they lose the Senate, and while it might mean that BO can't get a completely obvious far lefty on the SCOTUS like a Sotomayor or Vader Ginsburg, lord knows it is difficult enough to for even a conservative president to find a conservative judge -- see Breyer. No doubt BO can get one plenty lefty through a slightly R Senate.

Well, this paragraph has something close to at least what the left sees as factual in it.

The shutdown cost the economy $24 billion in growth. It showed the nation the incompetence of House GOP leadership. It exposed the civil war in the Senate. The country saw that the party was craven, dysfunctional, agenda-free and not merely incapable of governing, but uninterested in it. After the shutdown, the share of voters identifying themselves as Republican dropped to 25 percent in Gallup polling, the lowest level in 25 years, and polls showed Democrats might have a shot at taking back the House.

So how did delaying and possibly preventing a tiny bit of government spending cost the country $24 Billion in growth? First of all, $24 Billion in a $17 Trillion economy is .014%, so they must have a DAMNED accurate way of measuring something as complicated as the US economy to know that the shutdown "cost" us $24B in growth. They don't say HOW this tiny effect was supposedly conjured by the shutdown, but it is an article of faith for TP that money spent by the government is magically "multiplied" by a factor of 2, 4 or even more, so that is probably the imagined cause of this terrible .014% effect to the fevered lefty brain.

After dealing with the only "fact" in the article, we get back to hyperbole, the staple of TP ... the shutdown "exposed" Republicans as "craven, dysfunctional, agenda-free and not merely incapable of governing, but uninterested in it". See in the TP universe, they did .014% damage to the economy, so this is a factually justified and a highly civil criticism -- we know that because TP is always civil!
In case TP would like to consider more facts (doubtful), the House passed a budget with all the money to do everything outside of BOcare -- which they said was not ready. The Constitution gives the House the power of the purse -- they are the ones that provide funding, and not funding everything the President wants is exactly what "separation of powers" means.  Harry Reid and BO would not allow that budget to pass the Senate, and took the position that they would not negotiate unless they got a "clean bill", meaning one that had all the funding for BOcare that they wanted. These facts are well covered by Thomas Sowell, linked here.

The core difference here is a difference in world view. TP assumes that "government is great, government is good, we thank it for our daily bread" -- the government is central to TP life, and the idea that it can be flawed and even counterproductive to economic and other forms of human well being is simply not accounted for in their model. Total Federal, State and local government spending in the US is now around 40% of GDP  a question that nobody who pledges allegiance to TP will ever answer is "how much is enough"? In their model, since government is only good, there are no barriers at all to any figure up to 100% -- they simply can't conceive of there being a downside to government spending.

This view means that they simply can't imagine people not being thrilled by everything about a new government program like BOcare.
But a year later, Republicans are in no danger of losing the House and have a better than even chance to take back the Senate. Even at the time, it was clear that a feckless, frenetic media — which immediately went on to treat Obamacare web site glitches as just as catastrophic as the GOP’s shutdown debacle— would let the party off the hook. Yet so have voters. The Republican base is more than content to have its leaders do nothing but block and sabotage Obama. And the Democratic base still disproportionately sits out the midterms, which lets the obstructionists dominate the agenda.
Millions of people losing their existing insurance and being forced to pay vastly higher rates had nothing to do with a turn in the Democrats popularity in the minds of TP believers -- all merely a result of a "feckless, frenetic media". It certainly couldn't be that Republicans declared BOcare to not be ready for prime time -- and it turned out that it wasn't. Nah, in the TP universe, people ought to still be stewing over an imagined .014% reduced growth in the economy rather than concerned over paying $25K for insurance rather than previously paying $10K as in one case I know of where one of the couple had a stroke in late summer and then the policy they had was cancelled because it "didn't meet BOcare standards", so they needed to find a new policy in the midst of dealing with recovery from a stroke. Yes, they and millions like them (few as bad we hope)  have no reason to be concerned about BOcare outside of media influence, and should still be fuming over a .014% reduced economic growth.

The discussion this country needs to have is about the perpetually increasing percentage of our economy that is consumed by the government, and what sort of limits (if any) might be rationally considered. Reading articles like this doesn't present much hope for that very much needed discussion ever being had.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

WMD, Ebola, Economic Collapse, Global Warming, The Price of Propoganda

Bush Didn’t Lie | National Review Online:

I'm not going to go through the whole titular list here in detail, but propaganda takes many forms and ultimately it always has a very high cost for the people that become anesthetized to the always complicated, uncertain, and messy world of actual data and information. I will return to the specific of WMD.

We tend to think of propaganda in only the most blatant forms -- the old Tariq Aziz "Iraq is winning the war", or USSR claims of superior production, science, medicine, etc. The slightly more subtle forms are even more dangerous because they prevent large masses of people from dealing with a closer model of reality that could allow them to advance, or at least stave off the myriad disasters that result from not dealing with the real world.

When someone says "settled science", "Bush lied, people died", "We won't see Ebola in the US", and a broad range of other simple pronouncements, they are dealing in propaganda -- maybe because they are directly trying to mislead you, maybe because they themselves are under the spell already, or most likely because they have nothing that transcends the very broken and imperfect reality of the real world and DESPERATELY want to believe that "there are experts / power / government / science / ???" that have managed to make this mortal coil into a meaningful and understood reality that they can bank on.

But in their soul, they know it is not so, so they fight those that deal with reality as it is -- messy, largely unknown, meaningless (when taken in only it's own context), unpredictable, capricious, dangerous and totally uncaring.

Paradoxically, nobody can deal with reality as it is without having something that transcends it, so they can achieve enough distance to allow objectivity -- for thousands of years, religion was that mechanism, with various philosophies providing a weak second place, and Christianity being the undisputed ruler as to actually SUCCESSFULLY allowing reality to be managed and often subdued in the service of the transcendent infinite.

In the past few days, more information has been coming out ( on what was known to widely read conservative readers and readers of this blog for a long time

BUT, for propaganda to really fog the brain, it must create a MYTH , which is actually the only way we actually relate to the world, it has just been given a bad name by the myth-makers on the left scurrying to replace the "myths" of religion, western culture, classical Greece and Rome, with the "models" of today's "sciences" -- humans ONLY operate in the world of model/mythology, as in "a simplified story about the world that is explanatory enough to allow people to operate successfully, but is less than fully "factual" in it's detail.

I deal with computers with a more complete model than "95%+" of the rest of the world because I studied computer science and worked in the field for 30 years which included low level boot operations, assembly language programming and machine language patches. The ESSENCE of successful civilization as we know it is SPECIALIZATION driven by private property and Ricardo's law of comparative advantage -- I  (and others) was able to apply my specialized skill and be paid for it, so 95% of the rest of the world can deal with computers with a MUCH less detailed model/myth.

We all deal with 99.999% of the world at a pretty high level model -- which is all we can do given our limited brains and the overall complexity of the world, but it can trip us up very badly when the models we are presented are architected to be false. The core of the "Bush Lied" statement is the myth (this one based on very very little fact) that W went to war ONLY over "AN ACTIVE WEAPONS PROGRAM" -- the basis of this lie is covered in detail in this article ... essentially we went to war because we KNEW Saddam had WMD, and HE DID ... thousands of rounds of it, not the hundreds that were disclosed. So why didn't the W administration publish this information?

My guess is that the major reason is the same one that caused Reagan to never try to combat the "Reagan sleeps in meetings" myth (he was the boss, if he was tired, he cancels the meeting), or W to combat the "Mission Accomplished" myth (the banner was the ships, not Ws). When the opposition controls 90%+ of the press / education / entertainment storytelling industry and is actively on the job creating their mythology, whatever you say is only going to get people to revisit the media mythology and ignore the facts of the day going forward more than they are already. One of the highest costs of having a party as dominant as TP is that the healthy give and take of real complex information vs one liner myths is effectively suppressed long before the dominant party reaches total control.

Trying to make the "we told you so" case would not have worked at all for the "50%+" of people that were NOT going to buy that we went to war because we KNEW that Saddam had WMD and we were of course CORRECT -- because he did, everyone in the world knew it because he had used them, and stockpiles of thousands of rounds were and still are being discovered. This is no surprise to those that deal in reality and it is only another cause for myth-making in the case of "news" outlets like the NYTs ... the myth has to be updated a bit to " focus on we ONLY were told that we were going to war because of an ACTIVE WMD program".

People are very unwilling to give up their myths ... to those already in the thrall of "Bush Lied", there are no facts that will change their mind -- not even 100K dead in a US city due to sarin from Saddam's stockpiles, because in their minds, ONLY "active weapons program" sarin would count as having been a reason to invade Iraq!

The current level of media bias, plus the level of public willingness to believe in the "myth of the day" prevents us from taking reasonable actions (like a flight ban) to prevent ebola from killing people in the US, continual tax and spend policies that destroy our economy, and focus on warming that "may happen" in 100 years ... although hasn't happened as predicted in the past 15, rather than energy policies for the present good. The list is much longer -- as we slide to one party rule with a media in lock step, the set of issues over which rational discussion is effectively suppressed becomes ever larger, and our exposure to reality "surprising us" increases proportionally.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola, Asian Flu, Dioxin, Politics vs Science

2005: Obama rips Bush on flu response:

In the top linked article we see then Senator BO rip W on "failure to contain the avian flu" ... and the nation was all up in arms about the dangers of the avian flu back in '05! TP and the MSM were all over that one!

Fast forward to 2014. We have a relatively easy to contain virus so far isolated to W Africa, vs dealing with the avian flu virus in Asia, a FAR more integral part of the world economy / number of flights. Out ability to take precautions to not allow cases into the US would have been child's play by comparison.

What we are being told is that "Ebola is hard to transmit" ... must have DIRECT contact with bodily fluids -- which we certainly hope is still true, but in the deadly Russian Roulette game of viral mutation, there are no guarantees.

In Danger of Airborne Ebola, we read:
It's the single greatest concern I've ever had in my 40-year public health career," said Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. "I can't imagine anything in my career -- and this includes HIV -- that would be more devastating to the world than a respiratory transmissible Ebola virus."
The authors of the article took solace in the fact that nobody could identify a virus that had made that shift, but failed to mention that virology is less than 100 years old and virologists are not necessarily historians. We can be QUITE certain that smallpox made the jump from animal to human in the last 10K years and we know nothing about the mutations required to do that, and thus the Europeans famously had resistance, but it ripped through the natives in N America like the Grim Reaper.

How is one to understand the vast difference in how the Avian Flu was viewed by TP and it's media arm in 2005 vs how Ebola is viewed today? My only explanation is that for TP, POLITICS IS ALWAYS SUPREME -- it IS life! It trumps all -- life, safety, the good of the nation, family, ALL -- it is religion practiced in a way that very few religious practitioners outside of suicide bombers approach. In fact, TP tends to have an awful lot of "understanding" for suicide bombers -- TP just assumes it will "get all the virgins" (or whatever they see as "pleasure", their ultimate good) in this life!

It seems to be that when TP is in power, whatever it's Dear Leader decides to do is Holy Writ, and any thought that might not be in agreement by anyone -- even just "non-political scientists" ( an endangered species in the modern TP controlled world), is not welcome.

This is not new or unusual in any way. In the late '90s we were treated to endless diatribes against the horror of Dioxins -- up until it was discovered that Ben and Jerry's ice cream, a darling of the left set, contained a TON of this supposedly horrific toxin ... oops, never mind.

We can now see the gathering decline of the "Global Warming" fiasco for the left -- almost certainly, in less than 10 years, a lefty will look at you like a "cow at a passing train" (a Don Henley song line I love from "If Dirt Were Dollars") if you are so ridiculous as to bring such a thing up.

Don't worry, if Ebola turns out to spread farther than expected it will be the fault of Christians and Conservatives! In the unlikely event we ever have a non-TP president again, an unsightly rash spread by skin grafts will be a national crisis! Such is the way of TP and it's media arm.

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

No Warming, HEY! Look At Those WALRUSES!

The Walrus and the Climate Hysterics | Power Line:

The people of Oz were fooled by the Wizard for a long time until Toto pulled back the curtain. It is even  harder when you have the whole dominant political party, the media, the universities, and multi-billion dollar global Warmist industry intent on keeping that curtain closed!

We even have to delete information off Wikipedia to try to fool the people at this point ...
Walruses have always swarmed on land during the fall. This is called a “haulout.” In 2007, Wikipedia said, in its entry on walruses:
In the non-reproductive season (late summer and fall) walruses tend to migrate away from the ice and form massive aggregations of tens of thousands of individuals on rocky beaches or outcrops.
That portion of the walrus entry was recently deleted. Hmm, wonder why?
But, until Google decides to suppress searches (are we going to need an unbiased search engine?), we can find data a lot better than we used to ... a scientific article from 1978 that talks about haul-outs back to 1900 ... with a peak in the 1930s. 

As PL points out, this is a scam plain and simple, but since it is a scam of THE PARTY and it's media arm, it takes at least a tiny more work to prove it -- I certainly suspected it as soon as I saw it. Too damned "convenient", and if one watches the ice, 2014 was nothing unusual in the last 10 years ... 2012 was the low, last year was a big INCREASE in ice, this year was "average" for the past 10. 

Let's face it, the Warmist Industry is desperate -- no warming in at least 18 years, with prospects for yet another extreme winter running high in the US, no hurricanes this season yet with time running out, low tornado activity, they MUST come up with SOMETHING, at this point, so fabrication is REQUIRED! Desperation is never pretty, but it is very easy to understand. 

No matter what human is yammering at you ... DEFINITELY including me, stay skeptical! We humans are a damned unreliable bunch -- we shit, we puke, we even die(talk about complete unreliability!), and we make a TON of mistakes even when doing our best -- oh, and we OFTEN will do nearly anything to cover our failings. 

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Friday, October 03, 2014

Hayek: The Fatal Conceit

Hayek is a very precise and organized thinker, I'll open with his statement on what the book is about:
This book argues that our civilization depends, not only for its origin but also for its preservation , on what can be precisely described only as the extended order of human cooperation, an order more commonly, if somewhat misleadingly, known as capitalism. To understand our civilization, one must appreciate that the extended order resulted not from human design or intention but spontaneously: it arose from unintentionally conforming to certain traditional and largely moral practices, many of which men tend to dislike, whose significance they usually fail to understand, whose validity they cannot prove, and which have nonetheless fairly rapidly spread by means of an evolutionary selection – the comparative increase of population and wealth – of those groups that happened to follow them. The unwitting , reluctant, even painful adoption of these practices kept these groups together, increased their access to valuable information of all sorts, and enabled them to be ‘fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it’ (Genesis 1: 28). This process is perhaps the least appreciated facet of human evolution.
Hayek, F.A. (2013-10-28). The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism (The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek) (Kindle Locations 279-287). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition. 
He points out what in many ways ought to be completely obvious -- that humans have no more control over the economic systems that were evolved by trial and error have been selected because they were more successful than than we control our lack tails or gills, or that we tend to enjoy sex. Capitalism wasn't designed, it was evolved (or maybe created by God).

Worse, like disease, dying, not being able to fly, etc in life, there are aspects of Capitalism that we tend to dislike. SO, we WANT to change them! We don't want to have to "unintentionally conform to certain traditional and largely moral practices" -- we want to create what works and is better, NOW!

Contrast that with his statement on Socialism:
The demands of socialism are not moral conclusions derived from the traditions that formed the extended order that made civilization possible. Rather, they endeavor to overthrow these traditions by a rationally designed moral system whose appeal depends on the instinctual appeal of its promised consequences. They assume that, since people had been able to generate some system of rules coordinating their efforts, they must also be able to design an even better and more gratifying system.
Hayek, F.A. (2013-10-28). The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism (The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek) (Kindle Locations 306-309). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition. 
And so we have a "Conflict of Visions", described excellently by Sowell in his book of that title which I reviewed here. "The Fatal Conceit" is this idea that "we can do better" -- in the large, as in the replacement of Capitalism with Socialism.

Fatal Conceit can be viewed as source work for Sowell's "Conflict" ... Sowell is more readable and easier to follow, but Hayek is worth the effort. There is a FUNDAMENTAL difference between the visions of people that believe in either a created or evolved state of human civilization and social mechanisms like Capitalism, and those that believe that humans are completely capable to create any form of civilization / mechanisms they desire, including Utopia -- usually socialist/communist.

Fatal Conceit covers a good deal of detail on how the two sides view economics and the kinds of problems with production, motivation and outcome that command driven (Socialist systems) have and will always encounter, and how/why the distributed Capitalist system surmounts those problems.

Hayek was an agnostic, but he closes the book with a chapter that he put in reluctantly -- since in general he is not religious, but I found quite interesting. He makes a point I've tried to make a few times:
In any case, the religious view that morals were determined by processes incomprehensible to us may at any rate be truer (even if not exactly in the way intended) than the rationalist delusion that man, by exercising his intelligence, invented morals that gave him the power to achieve more than he could ever foresee.
Hayek, F.A. (2013-10-28). The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism (The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek) (p. 127). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition. 
even an agnostic ought to concede that we owe our morals, and the tradition that has provided not only our civilisation but our very lives, to the acceptance of such scientifically unacceptable factual claims.
Hayek, F.A. (2013-10-28). The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism (The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek) (p. 127). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition. 
There are many intelligent thinkers from history that finally admit (often grudgingly)  that even though they are not believers, Western Civilization is most likely not possible without Judaeo / Christian religion.

Well worth the read, but read Sowell first.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Republicans Fake Concern About Secret Service Protection

Showing Concern for the President, Even While Criticizing Him -

The Party (TP - Democrat),  hated W enough that making a movie fantasizing on his assassination ...  "Death of a President" on the assassination of George W Bush was somewhat popular in their ranks ... see  here.

TP has a hard time understanding that there are considerations higher than politics, thus the linked article.  When a shoe was hurled at W, the NYTs (and most of American media) found it to be very entertaining and appropriate -- concerns for his safety were FAR from their consideration, or that of Democrats in in Congress. Isn't the opposition the same?

So here we have the NYT's perplexed -- and largely unbelieving that Republicans would care about the protection of a president they disagree with. In order to understand this apparent contradiction, one would have to hold a number of things as being of higher import than day to day political positions. Say God, the Constitution, being an American President or basic humanity being more important than  political positions.

As an example to members of TP, potentially they would still care about the safety of a neighbor that didn't cheer for the same sports team that they do -- I'm guessing that they might still feel bad if they were killed in a car accident.

But this is hard for TP when it comes to politics! Being a member of TP in good standing and being 100% against the opposition is what counts! It is why it is OK for the IRS to target conservatives and conservative groups, or why the Koch brothers are evil incarnate while big TP donors are heroes, and a host of other discontinuities.

It is in fact one of the things that "the opposition" opposes about TP -- the idea that politics should trump all else, which of course to TP is one more reason that the opposition has to be destroyed -- maybe even killed, as in the case many of them hoped for relative to W.  To be a true member of TP in good standing, TP must trump your religion,  family and ALL ELSE!

The Times DOES miss the one obvious cynical reason that Republicans would be VERY concerned about the safety of BO -- even though I suspect it is actually a quite bi-partisan reason.


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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

NYTs Discovers Liberal Fund Raising Hypocrisy

Are Liberals Fund-Raising Hypocrites? -

It's a pretty long article with no surprises to readers of this blog -- well, of course they are (hypocrites), but it really doesn't matter because while the NYTs deigns to do an article claiming they OUGHT to be more transparent, it isn't likely that the NYTs is going to shift sides or hammer on the issue.

I did enjoy the opening alternate universe in which Republicans had won big in '12 and then went around the Filibuster in '13 to pack the DC court with conservatives ... even the NYTs understands that they would be absolutely apocalyptic!
The elimination of judicial filibusters in November 2013 allowed Democrats to approve, by a simple majority, three of Obama’s appointees to the United States Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, giving liberals a 7-4 majority.

Because of the administrative law and national security cases it hears, the D.C. Circuit is considered the second most important court in the nation.
Now, only a year after the fact, since the TP controlled MSM covers it not at all, even the right wing has generally forgotten. When the degree of media control is as great as it is in the US, even those of us in the token opposition have a hard time keeping track of all the outrages -- nearly all the battles are total losses for the opposition to the massive TP advantage, so it is simply hard to be losing and outraged all the time.

The article failed to mention the biggest reason that "Dark Money" is growing on the right -- the IRS. How many times do conservatives have to be audited, or donor lists compromised and given to left wing and government organizations as they were for Walker donors in WI before there is concern about having your name on those lists?

There is no such similar problem from the left -- in fact, having your name ON donor lists to left wing causes may well help you avoid audits, regulatory attention or other negative outcomes from happening.

I loved this quote:
 “The more transparent we can be, the better. Progressive values are much more in line with transparency,” LaMarche said during our conversation.
I suspect that he even believes it, as does the NYTs, which is a major part of the reason that we are in such a sad state of affairs. Notice the "transparency" of the BO administration? What TP is "transparent" about are their STATED OBJECTIVES -- truth, beauty, equality, saving the planet, etc

What they are NOT transparent at all about are their OUTCOMES and their METHODS ... massive deficits become non-stories, lowest work participation since the '70s is little known, industries and people fleeing the nation (eg Burger King) due to tax policies are touched on but quickly disappear, using the IRS and other agencies to hound "political enemies", etc. ... those items are not very transparent at all.

The marketing message of BOcare ... "lower rates, better healthcare, if you like what you can have you can keep it", THAT is VERY "transparent" -- the reality of massive rate increases, losing your doctor, largest providers dropping out of the pools as in MN, etc ... that is covered little or none.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Celebrating The Profane

The Tide of the Culture War Shifts -

For a younger generation of voters, the old right-wing nostrums about the “sanctity of life” and the “sanctity of marriage” have lost their power, revealed as intrusions on human freedom. 
Yes, as the NYTs celebrates, morality is indeed an "intrusion on human freedom" --  as are a lot of things. Death, disease, our corporeal selves -- requiring air, food, water, sleep, etc.. To be human is to deal with many "intrusions on freedom". "Sanctity", sacredness, that certainly ought to be stamped out, 

No morality, or "morality of currently in power" ALSO turns out to be an "intrusion" unless you are able to meld your will 100% to that of The Party and it's wholly approved positions as described in the NYTs. 

As philosophers have known forever, without God, there is no morality outside of power -- or rather, no morality with teeth, and let's face it, that is the only kind that has any effect on humans. Nietzsche's claim "God is dead" was a lament, not a boast -- without God and a religion like Christianity, "might", "the will", became morality. Hitler providing the most obvious example of what morality without God is like -- Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. provide others. Thus, the celebration of the profane as opposed to the sacred.

Humans are moral -- we were either endowed by our creator, or were randomly selected over a few million years to have arrived at having an internal moral compass. It can be set in a lot of different directions -- beheading, marrying 9 year old girls, and killing infidels to get a bunch of virgins in heaven is a current setting in the news, but it will be set. The NYTs gleefully looks to the worship of The Party and The State as the ultimate moral arbiter ... the new profane as sacred.

So "sanctity" becomes outlawing Big Gulps, smoking, guns, gas burning transportation, etc, etc. Or maybe driving a high milage car, eating organic and even voting for The Party. Heil BO!

The NYTs celebrates the removal of restrictions on killing the unborn and monogamy. The old moral code created Western Civilization and took us to the moon -- but it took most of a couple thousand years to catch on and really get the job done. So the "sexual revolution" really got going in the '60s, "gay marriage" in 2001 in Denmark. One of the hallmarks of the "new morality" is ME ME ME with NO KIDS! (or very few).

I wonder how "no kids" works out in even a few hundred years? Well, the NYTs might be right here:

The shift in public opinion might not be enough for Democrats to keep the Senate this year. But over time, it may help spell an end to the politics of cultural division.
One way or another, totalitarianism or just the silence of a culture leaving the stage because it has no children to carry on, I think it is pretty certain that TP will "end the politics of cultural division" -- or as it used to be known, Liberal Democracy (the kind of "liberal" that meant pluralistic)

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Climate Change, We Need a Beheading

Obama Lies, Punts at Climate Change Summit | Power Line:

An excellent article that points out that on Climate Change, reality is yet to break though to BO. One wonders how cold it really has to get before he at at least shuts up about Climate",  but it is an area with enough variability that the band can likely play on for a long time. It is almost always warmer or stormy somewhere -- that somewhere may not be in US, or even where there are very many humans at all (S Pole, N Pole, vast areas of ocean), but all the better -- the government funded "scientists" can pick any baseline, select or reject any data set that fails to fit their model, and the show can play on.

In this area, BO is still in "JV Mode" as he was in January relative to ISIS, or in "If you like your healthcare you can keep it" as he was prior to parts of BOcare kicking in last fall, so the lies come thick and heavy with nary a concern that anyone in the TP controlled MSM will do what this column does and debunk them one by one.

A little long, but he lied a lot!

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Barry W Bush, Mission Relaunched !

Politico: Say, that Obama UN speech sounded a lot like … « Hot Air:

Good column pointing out that our fantasist in chief has yet again been mugged by reality. Some of the lines were downright amazing ... "Network of Death" vs "Axis of Evil". The on the job training is really really expensive and embarrassing to the apparently few remaining Americans with memories and enough brains to do some simple pattern matching.

“There can be no reasoning – no negotiation – with this brand of evil,” Obama said of ISIS after reciting a list of atrocities still unfolding where they control ground. “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.”
Well, DUH! Most kids figure this out after they have had their lunch stolen a couple of times or after a few times being beaten up on the bus -- apparently Barry is a VERY slow learner! Does he REALLY get it now, or is this just posturing for the sake of November? I'd guess posturing -- one doesn't really go through life as a feckless weasel and suddenly understand that not everyone is a weasel! 
Definitely worthy of the read.  BO is at least being forced by events to face up to a few of the obvious realities of the world -- very late, very reluctantly and extremely incompetently as evidenced by his constant need to telegraph to the enemy what he WON'T do! 

Will it be enough to head off a tragedy of 9-11 proportions or worse? There is always "Hope" -- not a lot of it, but our president having some contact with reality is much better than none! 

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NYC's de Blasio Murders Cross-Gender Fake Weather Analyst!

GroundhogGate: a sordid tale of sex, murder, and cover-ups in New York City | Human Events:

My God! Read it all, it is a lurid tale so nasty it is hard to even imagine!

On the brighter side, our resident Cuck was spotted today looking perky on hind haunches surveying the pond area, so there is still some decency left in the world!

I'm afraid we are looking at a whole lot more than 6 weeks of winter from here -- Chuck has been hitting the apples hard and is looking a bit portly -- probably wise given the outlook for another cold winter based on Global Warming!

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Censorship US Style

News Flash: The Press Is Helping Obama Censor The News -

Trying to censor the press is bad enough. But the fact that reporters have repeatedly and meekly acquiesced provides clear evidence of their willingness to put partisanship ahead of the public's right to know. 
If you don't think so, just try to imagine the White House press corps agreeing to such demands from any Republican administration. 
While the Post deserves credit for exposing this, it hardly gave the story the prominence it's due. Instead, the editors buried it below the fold in the paper's Style section next to a piece about a famous concert violinist performing in a Metro station. 
The reporter himself cluelessly dismisses the White House demands as involving "mostly trivial issues" — a claim contradicted by the White House's very attempt to hide such facts from the public.
Story broken in STYLE SECTION of WaPO ... ho hum. As mentioned in the article, it was the WH "Pool" that broke the "HW Bush doesn't understand supermarket scanners" blockbuster in '92 that helped defeat him. Seems reasonable that a president would like to have control over that sort of story -- and since BO is TP, it **IS** ... but as the article says, if there is ever an R in the WH again, see how that kind of control flies THEN! 

BTW, if there is an R in the WH, what IS a "trivial issue"? Misspelling potato? How well you understand current grocery store operations? If you make up a word "misunderestimated"? 

My view is that if there is an R in the WH there is no such thing as "trivial" -- every single action, no matter how small can and will be pulled out of context and the maximum negative effect possible will be extracted from it. 

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Kill The Poor, Personified

‘We Only Whisper It’ | National Review Online:

Evil doesn't always display itself openly, but after many years in the soul, it does have a tendency to become apparent ... look deeply into those eyes, they are hardened to their purpose, they know what they want to accomplish. She really could take the role of the old Spectre hag in a bond movie or the Wicked Witch of the Left with no makeup required!

The column documents the Vader Ginsburg connection to eugenics and genocide, but it is as old as statism. First you remove religion -- that which gives life meaning beyond mere drawing of breath, then you create a "brave new morality". The specifics really make no difference -- say "the greatest good for the greatest number" (utilitarianism). Sound pretty good?

How about "deformed children"? ... say Downs Syndrome like Trig Palin? Certainly they can't possibly be happy. Right? Many on the left have screeched in anger at the "criminality" of the the idiot Sarah Palin bringing the "retard" into the world -- sometimes a big too aggressively for the current level of "brave new morality", but it is clear they KNOW what OUGHT to be done!

I liked this quote from a Clinton advisor -- when you are The Party (Democrat) and you control the media, you don't have to whisper too much -- they are experts on what the "bitter clingers" can handle, so they will keep it quiet if you get a little carried away!
“You can start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy, and poor segment of our country,” by making abortifacients cheap and universally available. “It’s what we all know is true, but we only whisper it.”
Once you take God out of the equation, humans lose inherent worth and become "assets and liabilities", at which point the State will apply some maxim like "the greatest good for the greatest number", which gives a lot of flexibility. How many "liabilities" can a State really afford? Isn't it just "reasonable" to minimize "liabilities"  and maximize "assets"?

So those in power -- THE PARTY, make the "choice". Abortion for some moves from a "right" to a "responsibility" to a "law" ... after all, the State has the interest of ALL in mind. Well, especially the "assets" -- and who are those? Well, THE PARTY!!! Certainly not "the bitter clingers", the gun toting zombies in fly-over country, the poor, the "less intelligent" -- come on, we are among friends here, no real reason to hurry.

Mankind has always known this force -- the force of death, destruction, malevolent power -- well, of Ruth Vader Ginsburg ... sometimes it is really easy to see without even looking hard.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Is The Yemen Strategy Working Out ?

Bret Stephens: What Obama Knows - WSJ:

We were endlessly schooled on the idiocy of W and on the brilliance of BO, but this article points out a few concrete examples of where the BO pronouncements are dead wrong when compared to reality -- something that our media is not very interesting in pointing out. The list covers Asia, South America and a few others, but I'll include the "Yemen Strategy" since it was used again recently as an example of how he would manage policy against ISIS.

The following is from his address to the nation on how he intends to proceed against ISIS ( I do not recognize their claim to the Levant as he seems to want to, so it is ISIS):
Now, it will take time to eradicate a cancer like ISIL.  And any time we take military action, there are risks involved –- especially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions.  But I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.  This counterterrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground.  This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.  And it is consistent with the approach I outlined earlier this year:  to use force against anyone who threatens America’s core interests, but to mobilize partners wherever possible to address broader challenges to international order. 
So how is that strategy working in Yemen? The following is from the linked article:
Now turn to Yemen. In 2012, after the Arab Spring, the president singled out Yemen as a model for a prospective political transition in Syria. Mr. Obama was at it again just two weeks ago, citing the fight against al Qaeda in Yemen as the model for the war he intends to wage against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 
Whoops. "Over the weekend," noted McClatchy's Adam Baron on Monday, "the growing gap between administration rhetoric and reality came to a head, as the acerbically anti-American Houthi rebels—who American diplomats allege have close financial and military ties with Iran—took control of many areas of the capital, Sanaa, with minimal resistance from the U.S.-supplied Yemeni armed forces."
As even Leon Panetta acknowledged on the 60 Minutes interview this last weekend, what W handed over to BO was a stable Iraq -- and BO blew it. Contrast the credulous media treatment of BO's constantly incorrect assessments with the fact that W doggedly worked through the problems in Iraq against howling from all sides to "cut and run" to succeed and hand over a stable Iraq to the incoming BO, and it would seem to be enough to get people to look at reality relative to W in somewhat the same way as the fall of the Berlin Wall forced many to re-assess Reagan.

But not quite yet I guess. It is going to take more significant real events for many to wake up and smell the true scent of BO!

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No Coal Lumps for Naughty Energy Production?

BNSF pressured to deliver more coal | Star Tribune:

Happened to hear some of this on NPR this week. It seems that coal supplies in the Midwest and East are very low -- like 2002 low, and back then our belief in the likelihood of a mild winter was a lot higher, as well as our rail capacity to correct it.  We know coal is bad, we know our use of electric power is bad -- we ought to be ready to slide quietly away into the night heat-less and powerless in a frigid Midwestern winter, freezing to death with a clear conscience,  fully devoid of and sense of irony as we sacrifice ourselves to keep the planet from getting warmer.

But are we? Even MPR was concerned that the burden of much higher power costs might hit "the most vulnerable" harder as utilities paid high costs for transportation including trucking in the coal.

Shades of "Atlas Shrugged", the production of oil that could have been transported via the blocked  Keystone XL Pipeline now has to use rail -- like all resources, a limited one. That same limited resource has to be used to transport the grain harvest. Then, there is the significant factor that hit hard last winter -- when temps are low and snow heavy, the capacity of the rail network is further reduced -- power producers like Dairyland Power in W WI had to truck in coal last winter because they could not get enough via rail.

We are mostly focused on giant climate marches in NYC complaining how warm it is and how warm it is going to be in 100 years, as well as some actions that may or may not be war against a foe that may or may not be Islamic half way around the world rather than out own coal stocks for this coming winter.

What was that old nursery rhyme about the ant and the grasshopper again? Oh wait, kids would likely protest being taught such a thing .. and we REALLY need to listen to such wisdom!

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