Friday, December 29, 2017

-36, It's Toasted

International Falls, Minnesota drops to record low -36F - Story | KMSP:

Frostbite Falls broke it's previous cold record set in 1924. It's coldest ever was -55 in 1909, and the coldest ever in MN was -60 February 2, 1996.

Naturally, I tend to remember -60 in Cameron WI on January 7, 1977

I'm sure this fits into Climate Change with no problem ... after all, "It's Settled", which is exactly like "It's Toasted".

We live in the age of marketing -- Hope and Change, MAGA, BLM, Russia, Fake News, etc, etc ... there is more behind some of them than others, however they are all very much about marketing. They have to be -- the masses only react to marketing. The one liner, the slogan, the elevator pitch ... get your creed, cause, candidate, charity or celebrity packaged and tagged with a short label ... #metoo! and you are off to the vain and vacuous races of having your meme embedded in the shallow brains of modern man.

It took us a while to get here -- "Mad Men" is about the early '60's when Madison Avenue was rising. When society starts to slip it's moorings, the paths to destruction are legion.

Humans have always been prone to manipulation -- "Bread and Circuses" comes to mind. The issue is if their core is "settled" on something that is "a little bit more" than slogans and shallowness. GOD used to be that foundation -- here in the US, it was a solid Christian God that at the core pretty much everyone agreed on. I've written on this enough so I'll use some words from a National Review article to make the point:

In short, America is in the process of replacing a general worldview that prioritized love, hope, and truth with an individualized moral buffet that prioritizes personal satisfaction. We’re giving man back to his human nature — a nature beset by original sin and prone to tribalism. No one should assume that America can survive the change.
Civilization has understood these issues for thousands of years -- certainly very well in the few hundred years prior to the birth of Christ. Even the revolutionaries of the left now occasionally look around with alarm at what we have become, although they tend to have no understanding of what has happened.

Perhaps we need to think just a tiny bit deeper before WE'RE TOASTED!

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